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Taking Care Of Storm Damaged Trees

{}Though they’re generally taken as being sturdy and everlasting, trees can easily end up being vulnerable in extreme weather conditions such as storms and strong winds. Violent storms and extreme winds have been known to wipe out trees and uplift even the sturdiest & healthiest trees out of the soil, sending them plunging to the earth, or onto neighbours’ gardens, power lines, vehicles, and buildings.

How many times shortly after strong winds have you heard about dislodged branches & storm-damaged trees damaging property or blocking the road. Aside from the inconvenience and danger it also will lead to expensive restorations.

The toughest decision following a storm is not how to deal with the trees that are definitely down, that’s pretty straightforward. The more challenging choice is if any of the trees still standing are salvageable.

Certain trees that have been partially injured in the storm may well present a future hazard and may need to be disassembled and disposed of to avoid placing people and property at risk in several months or even years in the future.

Some other trees maybe preserved by being trimmed back, with their most injured parts being ‘cut off’ much like how an operating surgeon would amputate a gangrenous leg. Others may require to be staked with guy ropes or supported with other supports up until they are able to re-develop the root system they need to have to stand on their own.

If a storm has caused trees to land on premises, our tree professionals can be relied upon to clear away the injured trees efficiently, quickly and safely to allow the construction teams easy access to the property to start repairs on the damaged properties and power lines.

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Various Types Of Storm Damage

Each one of these types of damage creates a distinct outlook for the trees’ potential survival, however making a diagnosis is a job ideally entrusted to a fully qualified arborist. An unqualified amateur is much more liable to overlook a small detail that might differentiate one conclusion from another, like finding the splinters from a crown twist but failing to see the slight lean that shows that the roots also snapped.

There are generally 6 types of storm damage that a tree can’t generally stand up to:

  • Blowovers – these are where the whole tree comes down.
  • Stem Failures – this is where the trunk of the tree cracks above the soil, causing the crown to fall or sag violently whilst the lower section remains standing normally.
  • Root Failures – is when the root systems of the tree tear underneath the soil, leading to the tree pitching or swinging considerably.
  • Branch Failures – is where one or more limbs of the tree break off.
  • Crown Twists – is when the trunk of the tree rotates enough to split, but stays up. This takes place most typically on trees with very disproportionate crowns. The whole crown effectively ends up being a weather vane in a storm, twisting to follow the wind in a way that the trunk can not.
  • Lightening Strikes – When lightening strikes the tree gets burned and electrocuted, but stays up, at the moment. Lightening strikes have a lot of additional effects like opening a large amount of surface area up to pests and vermin and massive water loss, so a lightening-hit tree is always at a considerably higher risk to fall despite the fact that it made it through the initial storm.

Securing Storm Damaged Trees

Our tree specialists will not only dispose of fallen trees safely and securely and with no additional damages to property, but they will additionally have the ability to give functional recommendations on just how to save or preserve existing trees that are still standing, although they could have been injured in the storm. Our highly experienced personnel can evaluate the situation on your residential or commercial property and advise you which trees have sustained enough damages that they would die even if they were carefully raised and replanted.

Emergency Tree Removal Call Out Services

If you find yourself in need of a local 24-hour emergency tree surgeon then our professional tree surgeons will be on site at the very first possibility to analyse the problem and inform you of all the remedial procedures provided.

If our team can’t fully eliminate the tree, we will at least restore a good amount of access and get back at the very first chance to undertake a safe & complete clearing of the fallen tree. Our emergency tree removal services are also appropriate for any incidents like vehicle collisions. We will also check the surrounding trees for any concealed injury and dismantle and remove the damaged tree if needed.

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Even on the ground, tree surgery demands technical skill & experience, it is a lot more complex than just simply using a chainsaw to a tree. With no applicable competence equipment and experience, you should never try tree surgery. If the tree fell as a result of damages, there may be further possible dangers of other failing limbs. By no means endanger your own personal basic safety to remove a fallen limb, phone your local Daventry tree surgeon professionals.
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